Video – Former U.S. President Clinton on Plant based Diet for heart problems

Official White House photo of President Bill C...

Official White House photo of President Bill Clinton, President of the United States. Русский: Президент США Билл Клинтон,официальное фото Белого Дома. Ελληνικά: Επίσημη φωτογραφία Λευκού Οίκου του Προέδρου Μπιλ Κλίντον, Προέδρου των ΗΠΑ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Engine2Diet website sent me the link to the following video –

It is an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN with former president Clinton.  The video also includes a discussion with Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D., author of “Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease“; and Dean Ornish, M.D., physician consultant to President Clinton since 1993 and author of Dr. Dean Ornish’s “Program for Reversing Heart Disease”.   While this video promotes a no meat and dairy diet, Dr. Ornish also suggests “3 or 4 g of fish oil per day”, which can reduce cardiac death, prostate and breast cancer and for pregnant women can raise your child’s IQ.  He also promotes a focus on this foods that are good for you and protective foods, like anti-oxidants, rather than foods you should not eat.  He suggests that eating well promotes feeling good, more energy, thinking better, and most people find a renewed joy for living.  Dr. Esselsyn does not promote fish oil, but does focus on non-processed food.


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