Omega-3 PUFAs Improve Arterial Elasticity

Heart coronary arteries

Image by Patrick J. Lynch via Flickr

I continue to be interested in scientific studies regarding the beneficial effects of Omega-3. I just discovered a good blog entitled “Fatty Acid Trip”. This blog reviews research “about the surprisingly remarkable benefits of high-EPAfish oil. The link is

The blog outlines studies of a variety of aspects of Omega-3, and has high EPA fish oil products for sale. Several studies relate to the effect of Omega-3 on depression. However, one benefit that I had not seen before was improved arterial elasticity. One particular University of China study found a significant improvement from an intake of 900 mg/day of n-3 LC-PUFAs from salmon oil, containing 540 mg EPA and 360 mg DHA.

The report also notes that “The consumption of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs), both long-chain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and medium-chain alpha-linolenic acid, has modest blood pressure-lowering effects, but there is limited information about their effects on arterial elasticity. In a preliminary study, 1.8 g eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) daily for one year was associated with a slight decrease in pulse wave velocity compared with a significant increase in this measure in the control group. Pulse wave velocity uses ultrasound waves to assess the speed of blood in determining the elasticity of the artery walls. More rigid blood vessels hasten the pulse wave, while a slower velocity reflects greater arterial elasticity. In another study of more than 500 elderly men with hyperlipidemia who consumed 2.4 g n-3 LC-PUFAs daily for 3 years, arterial elasticity measured increased significantly, i.e., pulse wave velocity decreased compared with the control participants.”

The blog also reproduces other reports confirming positive effects on heart health, cognitive, cancer, menopause, anxiety, stroke, weight loss and children with ADHD.


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