High EPA to DHA Ratio Fish Oil Review – Taste Test


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I have tried three high ratio EPA fish oils for a while now, all available in 200 ml or greater bottles, and all available in Canada. The Trophic High EPA fish oil is a 2:1 ratio, lemon flavoured, 250 ml bottle. It is quite easy to take by the tablespoon, with a fairly light texture, a bit like canola oil salad dressing with lemon juice added. The total O3 content is listed at 2700 mg per tsp (5 ml).

The Ascenta 3:1 Nutrasea HP is also lemon flavoured. It comes in a 200 ml bottle, and has a slightly more oily texture. It has 2300 mg of O3 per 1 tsp. I would describe it as a bit like an olive oil dressing with lemon juice. It is also relatively palatable. (I have tried the apple flavour, lower ratio fish oil, which as I recall, was not too bad either.)

Finally, the O3mega+ Joy comes in at about a 7:1 ratio, the highest of the three, in a 200 ml bottle. It lists about 2200 mg of EPA and 320 mg of DHA per tsp. It has vitamin E and rosemary added. It has a quite heavy oily taste, and the orange flavour does not really resemble an orange. While my preference is definitely for higher EPA ratio products, and while initially this product was passable, after a while I found the taste became less tolerable.

Hopefully Genuine Health, the makers of O3mega, will reformulate their product with better flavouring, since I would certainly recommend it, if not for the fact that the current orange flavour is unpalatable.

Recently VRP (Vitamin Research Products) have come out with a “great-tasting” Omega-3 supplement (http://www.vrp.com/single-vitamins/delicious-omegas-new-great-tasting-bioavailable-source-of-omega-3s-and-d3 ). The description says that this “new product, which is so pleasant-tasting that it’s like drinking a dessert, is a peach nectar flavor with a mango twist and has no fishy after taste whatsoever”. This is a liquid supplement with an average Omega-3 content per serving (not high potency), and a 1:1 EPA to DHA ratio, so it does not really meet my needs. However, it may work for people who dislike the taste (or even the idea) of liquid fish oil. It also has Vitamin D added, which can be beneficial if you are not already taking a Vitamin D supplement.


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