Omega-3 Improves Vision

A blue iris. A human eye.

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The entries in this blog include both reports of scientific studies, and also unsubstantiated, anecdotal reports. While I am convinced that high omega-3 intake is beneficial, it is encouraging to see positive results. My ophthalmologist recently informed me that I should have my prescription changed because my visual acuity had noticeably improved since 2 years ago. In addition, while I still had some indications of early peripheral diabetic retinopathy, that problem has improved since my exam two years previous. His comment was that, whatever I am doing, I should keep doing it.

His explanation for the problem was that diabetes can damage blood vessel walls, particularly since excess sugar thickens the blood. Reduced blood flow (particularly in small blood vessels) then causes the eye to grow new blood vessels to try to remedy the problem, thus interfering with the function of the retina.

There is no test or standard that I am aware of to measure the appropriate amount of blood viscosity, but some of the important health benefits of  omega-3s may result from their blood-thinning effect (including reduced strokes and heart attacks). Anecdotally, I can confirm that I often noticed (while using home blood glucose testing strips) that my blood viscosity varied significantly, and would be significantly thicker on some mornings. Since I have started on a high intake omega-3 intake, my blood now seems to flow consistently better.

I have already reported that my triglyceride levels are within normal, which is the main recognized benefit of omega-3 intake, an impact which occurred within a few months. Other benefits are less dramatic and take longer to become noticeable. I am certainly pleased to have improved vision, and further positive reinforcement to continue on with omega-3s.


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