EPA to DHA Ratio Controversy

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The controversy continues regarding the best EPA to DHA ratio in fish oil supplements. Google search results confirm that there have been no significant scientific studies to date that can help resolve this issue. The ideal ratio likely varies from person to person. Some particular health problems (like depression) can respond to high EPA supplementation.

A comment in one forum states that “humans convert roughly 5% of ingested ALA to EPA and 1-2% to DHA, for a 5:1 or 5:2 ratio”. This assertion is not supported by a reference, and there other studies that indicate that the ALA conversion rate varies by gender and by individual. As noted in a previous post, there is also some support for ALA supplementation to help prevent type 2 diabetes.

As noted previously, I started by chance with a high DHA:EPA liquid supplement, and found that my fatigue levels increased. Switching to a high EPA:DHA product seemed to alleviate the fatigue symptoms, and my triglyceride levels improved very significantly.


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