Microsoft Terminating Free Websites

I have been busy with winter sports activities, and I have not had a chance to update this blog recently. I initially started an Omega-3 Website on Microsoft’s free web hosting service at Later, I decided to use the blog to report on news reports on Omega-3, and use the website to highlight interesting Youtube videos about Omega-3. However, Microsoft is now closing the free website service, and erasing all content at the end of April, 2012. The only option Microsoft is offering is to start paying a monthly fee to set up a new website, and go through a cumbersome process to copy the website content page by page. However, it turns out that my WordPress blog has about ten times the traffic that my website has been getting (even though I was advertising the website using free advertising credits from Google). I noticed that my blog traffic increased when I had several comments on one of my postings, and I assume that Google moves articles with comments up in the rankings. Anyway, rather than lose the website content, especially the links to the videos, I will be copying that content over to the blog, and hopefully get most of it moved before the website self-destructs!


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