Omega-3 Heart Benefits – Dr. Jorn Dyerberg Video

Greenland eskimo

Greenland eskimo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Jorn Dyerberg was one of two Danish doctors who discovered (in the 1970s) that Eskimos in Greenland, with low rates of heart disease, have much more omega-3 in their blood than Danes in Greenland, with normal rates of heart disease. This was the beginning of the great interest in omega-3s. In the video, he talks about the correlation between non-fasting triglyceride levels and heart problems, and lowering triglyceride levels with fish oil. He also discusses reducing inflammation, and a major study that followed heart attack survivors and the impact of taking fish oil supplements.

He has expressed skepticism regarding the benefits of ALA intake (eg flaxseed oil). In terms of biological effects of DHA and EPA, Dr. Dyerberg said there are many. “We don’t know of any specific biological effects of ALA,” he said. “Tissue experiments give you an ALA concentration of zero. This omega-3 is either burnt or converted,” he said. “And the conversion is low.” “If we want the benefits of omega-3, we have to eat them as long chain,” he said, referring to EPA and DHA.


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