Eskimo Enigma – Dr. Jorn Dyerberg Videos

AN ESKIMO FAMILY. Tenderness and responsibilit...

AN ESKIMO FAMILY. Tenderness and responsibility in their treatment of children is a virtue of the Eskimo which binds them closer to the brotherhood of civilized peoples. Deutsch: Inuit-Familie (1917) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It started way back in the seventies” – Greenland was Danish, and the Inuit lived there. They had a very low rate of coronary disease, and it was strange that the Inuit, living on a fatty diet, had low heart disease. At that time, many of them lived on fishing from seals, and ate a high fat diet. We believed that a high fat diet increased cholesterol. In 1970, we went up and collected blood samples (interview is divided into four video segments).

The blood samples had a low level of cholesterol, but not so low to explain the 10 fold reduction in heart disease. The samples were also analysed for fatty acids, and found peaks in the analysis they had never seen before. Dr. Dyerberg went to Minnestota to visit Dr. Holm, who advised that the peaks were EPA and DHA. At the same time, other research had shown that Omega-6 could produce prostoglandins, and they hypothesized that the Omega-3s produced other prostoglandins. We found that EPA produced prostoglandins that did not promote blood clotting.

Of course, the Inuit did not eat their food for health, they were eating the only food (seafood) that was available. In the sea, Omega-3s exist in algae and krill, and fish taken from cold water have a lot of Omega-3.

Fat is not just fat. Fat does provide fuel, but in the sea, Omega-3 fats are favoured.

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