Omega-3 Benefits For Joint Pain, Weight Loss, Skin Problems, Pregnant Women and Alzheimers

Pregnant Women work in progress, 2009

This video (“CBN News“)is one of the most popular Omega-3 videos, with over 40,000 views. The video has an interview with Dr. Joseph Maroon, Neurosurgeon who  recommends Omega-3 intake for knee, back and neck pain. He restored his own knee function taking Omega-3s, and also obtained good reduction of joint pain in a study with 2.3 g of “concentrated” fish oil per day.

The video also has a segment with Ann Louise Gittleman, Nutrition Expert, who discusses a study that obtained good weight loss results with intake of 6 g of fish oil replacing the same amount of other fat in the diet. She notes that Omega-3 also provides good results for skin problems including acne and eczema. Dr. Maroon also thinks DHA supplementation is very important for pregnant women.

The video ends with a discussion of the importance of reducing inflammation.