Omega-3s Benefit Diabetics

"Flying Fish", oil on canvas.

"Flying Fish", oil on canvas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This video has a discussion with Dr. Richard M. Moe, MD, PhD, with Cardiovascular Consultants of Saint Lukes Mid America Heart Institute. For diabetics and persons who have suffered a heart attack, an intake of one gram per day is suggested.

He advises that Omega-3 fatty acids have a multitude of potential benefits for the diabetic patient. Diabetic patients have an abnormal coagulation status (a tendency for clots to form) where they can make many micro clots as a part of the disease, which can result in retinography (injury to the retina), nephrology (injury to the kidneys), or neurophy (injury to the nerves). Fish oil may decrease the tendency in the body to form clots. Fish oil can help the nervous system, decrease arrhythmias, and it is very beneficial in people who are at risk for heart disease.


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