GLA and Inflammation

Wikipedia indicates that LA (Omega-6)  is converted in the body to GLA, and that  usually LA is consumed sufficiently in most diets. However, the efficiency of the conversion may decrease with age or disease. Interestingly, while most Omega-6s (like LA) are inflammatory, dietary GLA is anti-inflammatory overall. Thus if you are concerned about inflammation, you may want to consider supplementing with GLA in addition to Omega-3s. Dr. Chilton at Gene Smart recommends 400 mg of GLA each day. Good sources are Borage oil and evening primrose oil.


One response to “GLA and Inflammation

  1. Hola! Swamiodo, It feels like just earlier today I saw you! I love the site! I am thinking in addition to Omega 3 one could also increase the positive attributes by taking Omega 3 before a Thai Massage! Looking forward to your future blessings and info! (Will there be a section on light bulbs?)

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